Eris software

Eris peristaltic pump for KTH, Sweden

PumpCell developed 2015 a series of very compact quadruple/4 channel peristaltic pumps for the HESUB project. Eris is based on the MicroZED controller and a controller board for the 4 stepper motors.

Eris software to be downloaded below should be installed on a PC running Windows 7. The PC can control 6 or more Eris via LAN connection. Each with 4 peri heads = minimum 24 channels. Eris units require TCP/IP connection to the PC and the PC must be connected and active.

Press the above "Eris Control" window and download the Eris software version 1,35 exe file to be installed on a PC running Windows 7.

Download here the Eris installation guide as a PDF file.

Download here the Eris GUI version 1,35 GUI as a JPG file.