Installation of Atropos

Atropos-1 and Atropos-2 is equipped with OD 6 mm one-touch fittings for supply of both pressurized air / vacuum inlet and the Drive Gas outlet one-touch fittings for channel A and B.

For ease of use we operate with different color and material hoses connected to Atropos.

Photo 1 show at left 8 mm Nylon-12 hose for connection between Alagonia pump and Sarpedon reservoir. Followed by 6 mm blue Nylon-12 hose, 6 mm green Nylon-12 hose, 6 mm blue transparent PU hose. Photo 2 show blue transparent PU hose from Atropos-1 drive gas connection to the Euterpe-100 SUP. Photo 3 show the 3 different colored hoses connected to Atropos Drive Unit of which two blue transparent for Drive Gas to SUPs.

Nylon-12 hose
for more stationary application which do not need to be moved around:

  • Green for vacuum supply – top left - 6 mm green Nylon-12 hose
  • Blue for pressure supply – top right - 6 mm blue Nylon-12 hose

Polyurethane (PU) transparent flexible hose supplied by SMC for applications where flexibility is important:

  • Blue transparent for drive gas connection – center of Atropos front panel for channel A and channel B