Atropos software

The in-house developed super compact Apollon PLC features the Linux software platform and on top the industrial CODESYS embedded software. Check out

CODESYS is for programming the process control application according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3. CODESYS version 3.5 is used by PumpCell and based on the CODESYS Automation Platform.


6024b0e_2_full.jpgcodesys image.pngApollon inside Lachesis-2.jpgAtropos-1 screendump 5.PNGcsm_Engineering_Screenshot.gif

CODESYS offers extensive support for Modbus and OPC communication protocol based on a Master/Slave or Client/Server architecture.

For the time being - 2017-06-24 – software Atropos ver A.63 (mono) and A.64 (Stereo) is in play.