Calliope Single-Use-Pump

Specification to Calliope positive displacement diaphragm pump

Product, model name


Layout, number of diaphragms


Pump capacity, mL / Stroke Volume / diaphragm

2 x 0 - 30

Pump capacity, mL/min

2 x 0 - 600

Hose dimension, OD mm:


Air usage at max beat rate, L/m


Air pressure required, Bar

3 - 5

Calliope – in development

Dual OD 50 mm diaphragms, 30 mL each full stroke, limited and controlled pulses, possible individual operation, 5 bar working pressure. Controlled inlet / outlet hose pinch valves integrated in the Hephaestus U2 cabinet. Replacing all peristaltic pumps based on hoses.

  • Callliope is unique as NO nano size particles is added to the fluid stream such as the peristaltic pump do.
  • Calliope integrate the Apollon PLC module able to communicate, be programmed via Wi-Fi with a handheld PAD or PC.

Calliope require 3-5 Bar air supply for drive of the pump cell's