Erato Single-Use-Pump

Specification to Erato positive displacement diaphragm pump

Product, model name


Layout, number of diaphragms


Pump capacity, mL / Stroke Volume / diaphragm

0 - 150

Pump capacity, mL/min

0 – 3,000

Hose dimension, ID mm

6 - 10

Air usage at max beat rate, L/m


Air pressure required, Bar

3 - 5

Weight, kilo



Single OD 100 mm diaphragm Single-Use-Pump cell integrated into Erato. True metering pump, controlled volumetric flow, intelligent and self-learning performance, 5 bar working pressure, ACRO controlled inlet/outlet hose pinch valves. IP51 protection and CE marking designed. No tools are required to replace the pump cell.

Erato is unique as NO nano size silicone particles is added to the fluid stream


Erato mounted with one Thorax dome/Pericardium membrane in Hephaestus U2 cabinet, with 8 stainless steel quick release couplings and arranged with 2 controlled pneumatic ACRO 933 pinch valves (Mitral and Aortic).

The wetted part being the Thorax dome with the thin Pericardium membrane and two hoses. The single-use part is inexpensive and quite simple to replace on Erato. The two 10 mm silicone hoses fit smoothly into the ACRO 933 pinch valves.

Erato require 3-5 Bar air supply for drive of the pump cell