Mnemosyne features

The Mnemosyne family of integrated Single-Use-Pump's consist of two parts:

  1. The re-usable pump non-wetted body containing sensors, electronics, pneumatic controlled pinch valves, communication and 1, 2 or 4 diaphragm (cardiac muscle)
  2. The single-use, disposable wetted parts consisting of a dome housing (Thorax) to which both the elastic membrane (Pericardium) and the fluid conveying hoses are attached and supplied pre-sterilized in dual film bags.

Integrated products, model names






Hephaestus U2

Hephaestus U2



Layout, number of diaphragms





Diaphragm diameter, mm





Stroke Volume, SV, mL/stroke

2 x 0 - 25

1 x 0 - 150

2 x 0 - 400

4 x 0 - 150

Pump capacity, CO range, mL/min

2 x 0 - 600

1 x 0 - 3.000

2 x 0 - 6.000

4 x 0 - 3.000

Hose connection, ID/OD mm





CO = Cardiac Output = (CO = BpM x SV), CO variation = >1:1.000

Physical feature

  • No expensive housing materials for traditional steam cleaning requirements
  • No mechanical or liquid axle seals, no rotating parts such as electrical motor, coupling or gearboxes
  • No ball valves, but controlled pinch valves which do not requiring cleaning
  • No pumped media contact to pump body parts – contamination not possible
  • Low weight and compact design gives OEM manufactures freedom to design equipment
  • Able to pump controlled volumes of any fluid, liquid independent of reasonable inlet and outlet pressure
  • Measures accurately the pumped volume, no in-line flow-sensor is needed
  • No need for calibration
  • All pumps offer infinite turn-down, turn-up scale

Operating features

  • Two or more independent pumps able to operate fully controlled in parallel
  • Working pressure as much as 5 Bar makes the pump suitable for connection with filtration devices
  • Very gentle operation with no rotating parts
  • Polyhymnia integrate 4 diaphragm SUPs able to operate combined or independent and hereby useful for concentrate mixing of 4 different fluids with just one pump
  • Use 3rd and/or 4th active membranes in Polyhymnia as pulse damper or obtain even higher fluid transfer
  • Single-use, low-cost, disposable wetted parts eliminate cleaning issues – just un-pack and exchange
  • Self-emptying, drain on inlet and purge on outlet and the pump will convey gas as well
  • Self-priming and able to run dry for extended periods
  • Zero spallation / shedding of materials as no shear is introduced between the used polymeric materials
  • NO silicone nano particles introduced into the fluid stream like from peristaltic pumps
  • Max volume per stroke depending on pump size, no minimum volume exist

Programming features - Micro-processor controlled

  • Choose one pulse/stroke per day or one pulse per second or any set of pulses in between
  • Choose any stroke length and any fraction of a pulse again and again
  • Any imaginable operation sequence, cycle for each diaphragm (pulse ramp, pulse train, pulse length, pulse pause, stroke start, stroke length, stroke distance)
  • Choose the fluid pressure you want to create – 5 - 6 Bar (depending on supply air pressure)
  • Choose the volume you want to pump – (well, according to pump size)
  • Real-time information about pumped volume from each diaphragm
  • Data acquisition, data logging for each diaphragm

Maintenance features

  • No lubrication needed
  • No need for strip down pump for cleaning
  • Controlled pinch valves - not part of single-use SUP assembly (wetted parts)
  • Longevity – diaphragm tested to last +6 month at full stroke length and pulse speed

Installation features

  • Single-Use-Pump parts may be part of an all sterile process package with hoses, connectors, etc.
  • No tooling needed for SUP cell part replacement – well, a scissor to open the bag!
  • Stainless Steel quick release couplings offer easy access for wetted SUP cell replacement - simple "bolt-on"

Data acquisition features

  • On-line pressure sensing from build-in sensor
  • On-line fluid measurement, metering, the pump measures the volume pumped accurately without external mass flow sensors

Communication features

  • Re-usable pump body requires only pressurized air and 24 VDC electrical power
  • TCP/IP bus connection and Wi-Fi connection
  • All Mnemosyne kids are stand alone and share the same communication module
  • Software up-gradable via the Internet