Polyhymnia Single-Use-Pump

Specification to Polyhymnia positive displacement diaphragm pump

Product, model name


Layout, number of diaphragms


Pump capacity, mL / Stroke Volume / diaphragm

4 x 0 - 150

Pump capacity, per diaphragm, mL/min

0 - 3.000

Hose connection, mm ID/OD


Air usage at max beat rate, L/min

100 - 250

Air pressure required, Bar

4 - 5

Polyhymnia – future development

Quadruple OD 100 mm diaphragm Single-Use-Pump. 150 mL fluid full stroke per diaphragm, fully controlled pulses / beats, individual or combined diaphragm operation, as much as 5 bar operating pressure, passive or fully controlled inlet / outlet valves, build-in touch sensitive display, IP64 protection designed. No tools are required to replace the pump cell part.

Polyhymnia unique features

With 4 diaphragm in one housing this compact pump is able to fulfill 4 different task simultaneously. Or one task with 4 times the capacity. It´s all about how the inlet/outlet hoses are connected. The Mnemosyne diaphragm pump family benefit from being a metering device. It´s also easy to mix accurately 4 different fluids (also gases) into one fluid and at the same time measure the 4 different volumetric flow individually. Or a setup performing as stand-alone / autonomous gas mixing device eliminating the conventional use of expensive Mass-Flow-Controllers / MFC requiring a PCS or PLC.

Illustrations show; left – front of cubic box (200 mm side length) with drive gas inlet bottom right, middle - tough sensitive display visible on top of pump between carrying handles, left - RJ45 and USB connections. This particular setup are based on 4 x 100 mm diaphragm's and hose sizes suitable for precision mixing of low mass fluids such as 4 different gases (Active Gassing).

Polyhymnia require 3-5 Bar air supply for drive of the pump cell's