Product range

You won’t find anywhere such unique Single-Use-Pump's

PumpCell product's are exclusive Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump's for fluid handling ranging in capacity from zero to more than 30 m3 per hour. Both families of pump's copies the mammalian heart functionality into true Positive Displacement Single-Use-Pump (PD SUP) able to pump any mix of liquid and gas.

A - Mnemosyne family of integrated pump's:

  • 1 single AODPD pump cell (one ventricle = half heart)
  • 1 dual AODPD pump cell (two ventricles = one full heart)
  • 1 quadruple AODPD pump cell's (four ventricles = two full hearts) build into Hephaestus cabinet
  • 1 dual AODPD pump cell's (two small ventricles = full heart) build into Hephaestus U2 cabinet

B - Euterpe family of stand-alone pump cell's:

  • 4 different sized Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) stand-alone Single-Use-Pump (SUP) cell's
  • Customizable SUP with your choice of hoses and connector's

C - Atropos Drive Unit's for Euterpe pump cell's

  • A selection of AODPD SUP cell Drive Unit's


D3C_2255.JPGEuterpe-100 on foot.JPGLachesis-2 control unit.JPGD3C_2267.JPGRed Laser - Euterpe-100.JPG

Both pump families highly relevant for the following industrial sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage, wine
  • Chemicals, cosmetics