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A fair amount of information has been released on PumpCell's website. We use extensively SolidWorks for all 3D Computer-Aided-Design and FlowWorks for Computer-Fluid-Analyses. Please return on a regular basis.

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The photo’s above show our design's and "old fashion" CAD work done in AutoCAD in the late 80ties. Two of the drawings show our 2.500°C multi-tube, protective gas furnace design based exclusively from graphite material and rated at 250 kW. The one drawing left, bottom is a Froude engine dynamometer design from the 50ties.

This sketch above gives an idea about the complexity of our capabilities. Dual direction, bolt-on Triton engine dynamometer. Essentially a water pump designed to dissipate all the incoming kinetic energy into thermal energy. Design work done in AutoCAD early 90ties by Per Stobbe. Triton designed to absorb 1.500 kW of combustion engine axle power at 4.000 rpm.