Super compact Hephaestus cabinet's

Stackable cabinet's for tight fit

PumpCell product's such as: Atropos, Alagonia, Sarpedon, Erato, Galliope - are all housed in Hephaestus cabinet's of our own design and manufacturing.

The Hephaestus series of compact cabinets are designed to be stacked in any direction on top of or besides each other or stacked on the handles. Available in height U1, U2, U3. All cabinets are manufacture in AISI304 Stainless Steel and macro-polished on all edges and surfaces. All connections are on the front panel – there is NO connectors, sockets, cabling on the rear panel. On the real panel relevant cabinets have two guarded fan openings designed to IP31 standards.

Cabinets size

Dimension in millimeter


W: 230, D: 230, TD: 295, H: 50


W: 230, D: 230, TD: 295, H: 110


W: 230, D: 230, TD: 295, H: 170