Atropos-2 software

Software design for two diaphragm stand alone pump cell's

Atropos-2 stereo model for drive of two Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement SUP's.

Atropos copies the purpose of Medulla in the brain and the heart’s Sinoatrial Node and combines the features with the ability for interaction, programming, and functionality. Atropos take advantage of the build-in Apollon brain and receives real-time signals from pressure, temperature, and displacement/Laser sensors. Apollon regulate by positive feedback control a set of proportional valves for the BpM, and the driving force and movement of the elastic Myocardium wall inside the Euterpe SUP.

4-screen dump Atropos.PNG2-screen dump Atropos.PNG3-screen dump Atropos.PNG

Screen dump’s of the dual channel GUI from Atropos-2 software version A.64 – design July 2017. Notice "carry yellow" and red changes place from left to right. 

7-screen dump Atropos.PNG5-screen dump Atropos.PNG6-screen dump Atropos.PNG

Different screen dump’s of the GUI from Atropos-2 software version A.64 – July 2017

Here is the most important principles behind the Atropos Drive Unit software

  • Cardiac Output (CO) = total pumped volume, SUP capacity, ml/min (CO = BpM x SV) = depending on the specific Euterpe SUP specification
  • Beats-per-Minute (BpM) = determined by the diaphragm diameter, ranging 0-25 BpM
  • Stroke Volume (SV) = programmable from 10 - 100% in 10% steps