Mnemosyne software

Software design for integrated diaphragm pump cell's


Mnemosyne is the mother of a range of “kids” of integrated pumps. Mnemosyne share the same Apollon communication / PLC module with Atropos. Control software in each of the devices is based on CODESYS 3.5 on top of Linux firmware allowing:

  • any imaginable operation sequence, cycle for each diaphragm (pulse ramp, pulse train, pulse length, pulse pause, stroke start, stroke length, stroke distance)
  • real-time information about pumped volume from each individually diaphragm
  • data acquisition and subsequent data logging for each diaphragm

PC communication

  • ModBus or OPC is the preferred communication interface with external devices.
  • Access via Wi-Fi / USB adapter to the web interface, which will show up on the monitor when connected to PC connection.

3 different screen dump’s from Erato’s build in 5” screen.

PC connection

Mnemosyne kids are accessible from smartphones, Pads, PC via the Apache webserver.