Technical support stand-alone Euterpe pump's

PumpCell's range of Euterpe Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump’s (SUP) cell's are all stand-alone and of exceptional low weight - measured in grams! Designed for super controlled operation by the advanced Atropos Drive Unit. Atropos measures accurately in real-time the free-flowing diaphragm / membrane movement. The result is a true Positive Displacement (PD) SUP with un-parallel performance and capabilities.

A few Euterpe features are:

  • Euterpe pump cells handle fluids = liquids and / or gases or any mix
  • Euterpe pumps are metering pumps = PD pump = measure with 1% accuracy mass-flow
  • Euterpe SUP do NOT need any mass-flow, flow sensor for measuring mass-flow, total volume
  • Euterpe pump cells easily sucks from low arranged containers
  • Euterpe pump do NOT need calibration
  • Euterpe pumps convey any mix of gas and liquid

Euterpe is a variation to the Clio SUP used in CellMembra Perfusion-SUB's as supplied by PerfuseCell.

Atropos Drive Unit's and accessories to be found under Products.