Diaphragm replacement

How to replace the wear part of Mnemosyne pumps

Mnemosyne family (Calliope, Erato, Urania, Polyhymnia) pump's take advantage of the extraordinary specification of natural latex. Pressurized air expands the Myocardium muscle in the pumping cycle and the return strength, memory of the Myocardium muscle insure suction of fluid into the Ventricle power chamber.

The non-wetted Myocardium muscle move by intermediate contact the wetted Pericardium elastic membrane manufactured from thin medical grade Silicone. The natural hyper-elastic Latex rubber used for the Myocardium muscle are based mostly on the organic compound poly-isoprene. Impressive Latex stretch ratio is as much as 500%. For all Mnemosyne SUP´s the Latex diaphragm is slightly pre-stretched and fixed under a flange attached to the pump body.

The Myocardium diaphragm as used in the Mnemosyne pumps are stretched 10% and life time is more than 2000 hour normal operation. The diaphragm is designed specifically for each SUP as a wear parts and easy to replace.

Find under Commerce the replacement Diaphragm p/n which fit the pump you have.