Membrane replacement

How to replace the disposable part of Mnemosyne pumps

Wetted part

The wetted Single-Use-Pump disposable part (for Calliope, Erato, Urania, Polyhymnia) consist of the Thorax dome with a flange on the circumference and with in / outlet barbs on the dome. The rigid dome have diameters specific for the particular pump size. A 1.0 mm elastic membrane are adhered to the flange of the dome. The membrane is mounted tight, close to the diaphragm and as to low pressure between the diaphragm and the membrane the membrane follows the diaphragm movements. Hereby the elastic membrane drag fluid in and force out fluid. Only the dome, the membrane and the hoses has liquid contact.

One complete disposable part consist in this movie of a thin elastic membrane adhered onto the circumference of the flange of the dome. The dome further equipped with two hoses for liquid transfer. Pre-assembled pericardium membrane, Thorax dome with hoses delivered sterile and ready to use. The two black ACRO 933 pinch valves able to rotate on a vertical rod over the dome takes seconds to operate. The pump is named Erato.

The pre-packed disposable part for Mnemosyne Single-Use-Pump family consist of:

  • Thorax dome – manufactured from PolyCarbonate or ABS plastics
  • Pericardium membrane – manufactured from thin sheet Silicone, Viton and the like
  • Aortic outlet hose and if required a connector
  • Mitral inlet hose and if required a connector

Hoses create the support for the Acro valve functionality completely avoiding cleaning issues.

Hoses may be manufactured from various Silicones without or with armouring all depending on the operational liquid pressure.

The dome are offered shaped in transparent PolyCarbonate plastics. Other polymeric materials according to corrosion resistance requirements. 

Photo show various examples of Erato wetted part. 1 - at left one of three domes with passive valves integrated in the hose. 2 - as simple as possible designed for pinch valve control. 3 - SUP cell's designed for ACRO pinch valves valve control.

The fluid conveying hoses may as extra feature be pre-mounted with a range of connectors. Such as here shown.