Atropos drive unit history

Life is all about knowing where we are at any time

Some years back we were in a desperate need for the absolutely optimum pump being part of various continuous processing system. Old fashion peristaltic and centrifugal pumps was out of the question! Diaphragm pumps sounded great – but none such accurately controlled pump existed! Combined with single-use capability and low cost …….. we had to develop and patent this pump ourselves!

Very appropriate "Atropos" is the Greek goodness of destiny and one of the 3 fates, which combined control life of every mortal from birth to death. There were three Moirai goodness’s of which the two other sisters are "Lachesis" and "Clotho". Being the goodness of “fate and destiny” makes good sense for determining the actual position any time of a pump membrane!

Atropos is the software loaded into the Apollon PLC here in principle illustrated from patent application WO2010/069321. The three very different Moirai sisters. One more illustration from CerPhragm patent application.

The concept of regulating dynamically on the position of a free-floating elastic membrane is miles ahead to traditional membrane / diaphragm pump’s. The invention originated from the CEO of PumpCell and the concept became visible via the first patent application WO2010/069321 year 2010.