Unique diaphragm Single-Use-Pump's

Clio stand-alone pump cell's

Super compact Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) OneWay-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) offer a range of unique features unheard of in the industry. For even more compact installation the stand-alone pump cell and the Drive Unit are separated. Off course the pump cell's are all single-use, durable and of reasonably cost.

Stand-alone product, model

Clio CM80 

Clio CM100 

Clio CM140 

Clio CM200 

Layout, number of diaphragms





Cardiac Output, CO range, mL / min

0 - 900

5 - 3,000

10 - 6,000

20 - 14,000

SUP cell weight, grams 100 200 300 600

General features

  • Clio (AODPD) O-SUPs show on the Clotho / Lachesis Drive Unit display the conveyed mass-flow in real-time with 1% accuracy
  • No extra mass-flow sensor is needed
  • One or two fully programmable individual operating Single-Use-Pump cell’s
  • Clio is self-priming and pump any mix of gas and liquid
  • No tools required for exchange of pump cell
  • Clio O-SUP do NOT require calibration - self calibrating
  • Lifetime exceeds 1 million cycles at 75% CO
  • Communication via Clotho / Lachesis Drive Unit integrating both Wi-Fi and LAN


Clio M100 2024 01 26 161544Clio CM80 2024 01 25 193925Clio CM80 2024 01 25 194031Clio CM100 2024 01 26 161729Clio M100 2024 01 26 161434


Clio O-SUPs require connection to Clotho or Lachesis Drive Units


Clio O-SUP pumps are designed for either integration in an assembly or for stand-alone operation connected within 2 meter distance with one electrical wire (Laser) and one drive gas hose to the Drive Unit's.

Clio O-SUP pumps avalable from www.perfusecell.com