Lachesis-1 Drive Unit

Control of one large Single-Use-Pump

Single channel SUP control unit for large Clio diaphragm OneWay-Single-Use-Pump's.

Product, model name


Hose connection


single SUP drive


Drive gas pressure supply

2 - 5 bar atmospheric


Drive gas vacuum supply

<0.1 bar absolute


Hose connection to SUP



Power supply

24 VDC, 2 amp


Hephaestus cabinet size



Weight, kilo




Lachesis is a compact control unit supporting the Clio type of diaphragm Single-Use-Pump cell's. Lachesis differs from Atropos in that the proportional valves and internal manifold is larger facilitating higher drive gas volumes to be regulated.

Driving Clio M200 SUP's requires pressure above and lots of vacuum capacity below atmospheric pressure. The SUP cell drive gas pressure is continuously adjusted by sets of proportional valves inside Lachesis. Intelligent microprocessor with advanced PID algorithms get information from Laser and pressure sensor's.


Lachesis needs to be connected to a pressure and vacuum source with sufficient capacity - then the spec is:

  • Drive of one big Clio O-SUP
  • Pumped volume (Cardiac Output) according to stroke length and cell size
  • Stroke length, %: 1 - 100
  • Atropos can inform about a velocity according to a diameter, m/s: 0.1 – 15

O-SUP size, name

Clio CM140

Clio CM200

Stroke Volume, SV, mL/stroke



Cardiac Output, CO range, mL/min



Lachesis can of course be driven by in lab installed pneumatic air and vacuum. Don’t forget that the vacuum pump of good capacity should not be mounted more than 5 meter from Lachesis. Or the tubing systems longer then 5 meter should be at least ODID 25 mm size.


  • Internal 5” touch sensitive TFT display or external to PADs or smartPhones via Wi-Fi for programming and info from the built-in webserver
  • USB port for USB adapter/Wi-Fi connection and 5 VDC / 1 amp charging smartPhones
  • RJ45 for IP/TCP via LAN and ModBus or OPC-UA communication