Clio featured detailed

Clio Single-Use-Pump's (SUP) all consist of

The Clio Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) OneWay direction LASER guided Single-Use-Pump (SUP) cell’s consist of a housing integrating a valve body, a dome, the diaphragm, LASER support and the fluid conveying hoses – all supplied pre-sterilized in dual film bags.

Stand-alone product, model names






Layout, number of diaphragms






Diaphragm diameter, mm






Stroke Volume, SV, mL / 100 % stroke






Cardiac Output, CO range, max mL / min






Beats-per-Minute, BpM, depending on stroke

0 - ~18

0 - ~15

0 - ~10

0 - ~8

0 - ~6

Typical hose connection, ID/OD mm






SUP cell weight, grams






Drive Unit






The basics in operation is copied from the human heart functionality:

  • Cardiac Output (CO) = total pumped volume, SUP capacity, ml/min (CO = BpM x SV)
  • Beats-per-Minute (BpM) = ranging 0 - 18 BpM, SUP diameter/stroke/volume depending
  • Stroke Volume (SV) = programmable from 1 - 100% of SUP cell specification
Red Laser - foot - Clio-100.JPGClio-100 in hand.JPGEuterpe-100 kit.JPGfoot and Clio-100.JPGLachesis-2 control unit.JPG

Physical features

  • No expensive housing materials for traditional steam cleaning requirements
  • No mechanical axle seals
  • No mechanical rotating parts such as electrical motor, coupling or gears
  • No moving ball valves, only passive cross-slit silicone valves
  • All simple single-use plastic parts – contamination eliminated
  • Low weight and compact design give OEM manufactures new freedom to design equipment
  • Measures accurately pumped volume, a true Positive Displacement pump – no in-line flow-sensor is needed
  • All pumps offer infinite turn-down, turn-up scale of 1:5,000

Operating features

  • Volumetric operation precision better than 1% - without any extra flow sensor
  • Volume per stroke depending on pump size - no minimum volume exist
  • Zero spallation / shedding of membrane materials – low shear forces
  • Self-priming from 2 meter suction height
  • Standard fluid pressure 1 bar - higher pressure like 3-5 Bar require customized body
  • No need for calibration - build in artificial intelligence in Drive Unit
  • Pump any fluid - any mixture of liquid and gases
  • Dry running for extended periods
  • Self-emptying, drain on inlet and purge on outlet as the pump will convey gas as well
  • Single-use, disposable wetted parts eliminate cleaning issues – just un-pack and exchange without any tools needed
  • Very gently operation with no rotating or rubbing parts - no shear introduced between used polymeric materials parts creating nano size polluting particles
  • Working pressure as much as 5 Bar on special models makes the SUP suitable for connection with filtration devices
  • Two pumps able to operate fully controlled and in parallel when connected to Clotho-2

Programming features

  • Select the continuous volume you want to pump – (well, according to pump size)
  • Select the total volume you want to pump
  • Select the time you want the pump to operate
  • Real-time information about pumping, pumped volume and velocity

Maintenance features

  • No tools needed replacing the SUP cell - takes only one minute !
  • No lubrication needed
  • No need to strip down pump for cleaning
  • Longevity - tested to last 0.5 million cycles at 75% CO

Installation features

  • Single-Use-Pump cell may easily be part of an all sterile process package
  • No tooling needed for Single-Use-Pump cell replacement - one minute operation

Data collection features of Atropos Drive Unit

  • On-line operation pressure measured by build-in pressure sensor
  • On-line Mass-Flow-Control / metering, the pump measures the volume pumped with better than 1% accuracy - without external flow sensors!
  • Data acquisition, data logging

Communication features of Atropos drive unit

  • OPC-UA allow connection various software, such as DeltaV, Lucullus, DasWare
  • Single-Use-Pump cell's need connection to Drive Unit (requires pressurized air, vacuum and 24 VDC electrical power)
  • TCP/IP bus connection or Wi-Fi connection
  • All Drive Units operate both as stand-alone or combined with other devices
  • Clotho and Lachesis and Atropos software are more or less identical and easy up-gradable
  • Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos units facilitate a webhost, which allow the user to access the Drive Units via Wi-Fi as well as via IP/TCP from many devices via Ethernet, USB connection (for data export), OPC-UA communication
  • Access Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos via build-in touch sensitive display or connect via Wi-Fi a PAD, Smartphone or PC and OPC-UA

Not designed for:

  • Viscosity higher than 10,000 centiStoke
  • Very abrasive materials for a long time