Erato Single-Use-Pump

Specification to one kid of the Mnemosyne family

Erato – prototype

One OD 100 mm diaphragm Single-Use-Pump from the Mnemosyne family. True metering pump, controlled volumetric flow, intelligent and self-learning performance, 0-3 bar working pressure, controlled inlet/outlet hose pinch valves. IP51 protection and CE marking designed.

Product, model name


Layout, number of diaphragms


Pump capacity, mL/min

0 – 3,000

Stroke Volume (SV) mL 100% stroke


Hose connection, OD / ID mm

10 / 6

Air usage at max pulse rate, L/m


Air pressure required, Bar


Weigth, kilo


Erato is unique as NO nano size silicone particles is added to the fluid stream.

Erato mounted with Thorax dome/Pericardium membrane in Hephaestus U2 cabinet, with 2x4 stainless steel quick release couplings and arranged with 2 controlled pneumatic pinch valves (Mitral and Aortic). Example of size compared to a 3 liter SUB.

The wetted part´s being the Thorax dome with the thin Pericardium membrane is inexpensive and quite simple to attach to Erato. The two silicone hoses fit smoothly into the pinch valves.

Erato integrate a 5” TFT touch sensitive graphical display with a fast 900 MHz quad-core ARM CPU and 1 GB Ram. A range of 15 bit high speed in/out analogue and digital channels corresponding with various sensors / actuators. The CPU run Linux with CodeSys on top able to communicate OPC-UA even features a build-in webserver. The webhost allows the user to access the pump directly or via Wi-Fi as well as via IP/TCP from many devices via Ethernet, USB connection (for data export).

Rendered pictures from SolidWorks show various details.