Polyhymnia Single-Use-Pump

Specification to Polyhymnia diaphragm pump

Polyhymnia – future development

Quadruple OD 150 mm diaphragm, controlled pulse width, possible individual diaphragm operation, 0-3 bar operating pressure, fully controlled inlet / outlet valves. IP64 protection designed.

Product, model name


Layout, number of diaphragms


Pump capacity, max mL/min 100 % stroke


Pulse-per-minute rate

0.1 - 30

Fluid hose connection, mm:


Air usage at max pulse rate, L/m


Air pressure required, Bar


Polyhymnia special features

With 4 diaphragms this pump is able to fulfil 4 different task simultaneously. Like mixing 4 different fluids together and at the same time measure the volumetric flow. Or like mixing four different liquids into one liquid. Or perform as stand-alone gas mixing device eliminating the conventional use of expensive Mass-Flow-Controllers /MFC.

Rendered illustrations from SolidWorks