Clio featured detailed

Clio Single-Use-Pump's (O-SUPs) all consist of:

The Clio Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) OneWay-Single-Use-Pump (O-SUP) cell’s consist of a plastic housing integrating a silicone valve body, a PC dome, the silicone diaphragm, and the fluid conveying hoses – all supplied pre-sterilized in dual film bags.

Stand-alone product,
model names

Clio CM80

Clio CM100

Clio CM140 

Clio CM200 

Clio CM300

Layout, number of diaphragms






Diaphragm diameter, mm

 80  100  140  200 300

Diaphragm stroke, mm

 25  70  80  120  140

Stroke Volume, SV, mL / 100 % stroke






Cardiac Output, CO range, mL / min - average

0 - 900

5 - 3,000

10 - 6,000

20 - 14,000


Beats-per-Minute, BpM, depending on stroke

0 - ~20

0 - ~15

0 - ~12

0 - ~12

0 - ~10

Typical hose connection, ID/OD mm






SUP cell weight, grams 100 200 300 600 2000
Drive unit Clohto Clotho Lachesis Lachesis Atropos

The basics in operation is copied from the human heart functionality:

  • Cardiac Output (CO) = total pumped volume, SUP capacity, ml/min (CO = BpM x SV)
  • Beats-per-Minute (BpM) = ranging 0 - 30 BpM, SUP diameter/stroke/volume depending
  • Stroke Volume (SV) = programmable from 1 - 100% of diaphragm stroke
  • Variable velocity = programmable from 0 - >10 m/s
Red Laser - foot - Clio-100.JPGClio-100 in hand.JPGEuterpe-100 kit.JPGfoot and Clio-100.JPGLachesis-2 control unit.JPG

Physical features

  • No expensive housing materials compared to traditional steam cleaning requirements
  • No mechanical axle seals
  • No mechanical rotating parts such as electrical motor, coupling or gears
  • No moving ball valves, only fixed passive cross-slit silicone valves
  • All simple single-use plastic parts – contamination eliminated
  • Low weight and compact design gives OEM manufactures new freedom to design equipment
  • Measures accurately pumped volume, a true Positive Displacement pump – no in-line flow-sensor is needed
  • All pumps offer infinite turn-down, turn-up scale of 1:5,000

Operating features

  • Volumetric operation precision better than 1% - without any extra flow sensor
  • Volume per stroke depending on pump size - no minimum volume exist
  • Zero spallation / shedding of membrane materials - shear never introduced
  • Self-priming from 2 meter suction height
  • Standard fluid pressure 2 bar - higher pressure like 3-5 Bar require customized body
  • No need for calibration - build in artificial intelligence in Drive Units
  • Pump any fluid - any mixture of liquid and gases
  • Dry running for extended periods
  • Self-emptying, drain on inlet and purge on outlet as the pump will convey gas as well
  • Single-use, disposable wetted parts eliminate cleaning issues – just un-pack and exchange without any tools needed
  • Very gently operation with no rotating or rubbing parts - no shear introduced between used polymeric materials parts creating nano size particle polluting
  • Working pressure as much as 5 Bar on special models makes the SUP suitable for connection with filtration devices
  • Two O-SUP pumps (size M80 and M100) able to operate fully controlled and in parallel when connected to Clotho-2
  • One of the large pumps (from M140 and up) to operate fully controlled connected to Lachesis

Programming features (on Clotho and Lachesis)

  • Select the continuous volume you want to pump – (well, according to pump size)
  • Select the total volume you want to pump
  • Select the time you want the pump to operate
  • Real-time information about pumping, pumped volume and velocity

Maintenance features

  • No tools needed replacing the SUP cell - takes only one minute !
  • No lubrication needed
  • No need to strip down pump for cleaning
  • Longevity - tested to last 1 million cycles at 75% CO

Installation features

  • Single-Use-Pump cell may easily be part of an all sterile process package
  • No tooling needed for Single-Use-Pump cell replacement - one minute operation

Data collection features of Clotho and Lachesis Drive Unit

  • On-line operation pressure measured by build-in pressure sensor
  • On-line Mass-Flow-Control / metering, the pump measures the volume pumped with better than 1% accuracy - without external flow sensors!
  • Data acquisition, data logging

Communication features of Clotho and Lachesis drive unit

  • OPC-UA allow connection various software, such as DeltaV, Lucullus, DasWare
  • Single-Use-Pump cell's need connection to Drive Unit (requires pressurized air, vacuum and 24 VDC electrical power)
  • TCP/IP bus connection or Wi-Fi connection
  • All Drive Units operate both as stand-alone or combined with other devices
  • Clotho and Lachesis software are easy up-gradable
  • Clotho and Lachesis units facilitate a webhost, which allow the user to access the Drive Units via Wi-Fi as well as via IP/TCP from many devices via Ethernet, USB connection (for data export), OPC-UA communication
  • Access Clotho and Lachesis via build-in touch sensitive display or connect via Wi-Fi a PAD, Smartphone or PC

Not designed for:

  • Viscosity higher than 10,000 centiStoke
  • Very abrasive materials for a long time