Unique Euterpe-500

Biggest Euterpe SUP (in planning)

Euterpe-500 is a fully programmable stand-alone 0 - 5,000 mL/min Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump (SUP) cell. No need for external mounted mass-flow sensor. Impressive 1:5.000 mass-flow ratio.

Single-Use-Pump's reduce downtime between batches and Euterpe family of SUP's are particular easy to change. The Single-Use-Pump cell chamber can be replaced in seconds without any tools. For the biotech and pharmaceutical development, the Euterpe pump's is the fastest and cheapest Positive Displacement SUP. Because Euterpe is a true PD pump no extra expensive mass-flow sensor is required.

Euterpe Single-Use-Pump cell chamber are made from cost-effective polycarbonate. The diaphragm is manufactured from medical grade silicone. The two valves are manufactured from medical grade silicone. Hoses in your required length and from the silicone and supplier you may desire. Connection of the design and supplier you may require.

In practice the SUP is mounted on a light weight plastic foot which holds the red Laser sensor connected via a 1,5 meter cable to the Atropos Drive Unit. The Euterpe SUP cell need only one plastic hose for drive gas connection to the Atropos Drive Unit. No electrical motor or servo motor drive for Euterpe is required.