Control of two Single-Use-Pump cell’s

Dual channel Drive Unit for two Clio Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump (SUP) cell's

Product, model name



Dual SUP drive

Supply gas pressure 

 2 - 5 Bar atmospheric

Supply gas vacuum 

<0.05 bar absolute

Power supply

24 VDC, >1.5 amp

Hephaestus cabinet size


Weight, kilo



Clotho-2 is a compact Drive Unit supporting the Clio M80 and M100 size of Single-Use-Pump cell's.

Clio is a unique stand-alone Air-Operated-Diaphragm-Positive-Displacement (AODPD) Single-Use-Pump (SUP) cell. The Clio family is remarkable as there is no need for expensive external mass-flow sensor's. No need for tools exchanging the SUP cell. No need for bulky pump's and sensor's. No nano size silicone particles polluting the liquid. No need for calibration. Check out under Clio features!

Driving Clio SUP's requires pressure above and vacuum below atmospheric pressure. The SUP cell drive gas pressure is continuously adjusted by two sets of proportional valves inside Atropos. Intelligent microprocessor with advanced PID algorithms get information from Laser and pressure sensor's.

Clotho-2 stereo model in U2 Hephaestus Stainless Steel cabinet shown as rendered picture. In the middle shown as the real unit including the two red Laser sensor's. Further Atropos-2 assembled with one Sarpedon reservoir and two Alagonia pumps in one compact tower. This fully independent setup ready to use right out of the box.


When Clotho is connected to gas supply from both a pressure and vacuum source with sufficient capacity, then the spec is:

  • Drive of two Clio O-SUP CM80 and CM100 cell's
  • Pumped volume (Cardiac Output) according to stroke length and cell size
  • Stroke length, %: few to 100 
  • Atropos can inform about a velocity according to a specified diameter, m/s: 0.1 – 15

O-SUP cell size, model

Clio CM80

Clio CM100

Stroke Volume, SV, mL/stroke

1 - 45

1 - 200

Cardiac Output, CO range, mL/min

0 - 900

0 - 3,000

Supply gas is defined as: 1 - "Supply gas pressure" and; 2 - "Supply gas vacuum". Sufficient supply is when the volume (measure in "normal liter/min") of both pneumatic pressure and vacuum quality is 1-2 times the planned CO in "nl" at specified pressures. 

Suitable supply gas pump's, also in Hephaestus cabinet's are Alagonia. Check also out the Sarpedon reservoir stabilizing pressure/vacuum and reduce pulsation when several Clio SUPs operate on the same source of supply gas. 

Clotho can off course be driven by in lab installed pressurized air and sufficient vacuum.


  • Internal 5” touch sensitive TFT display or external to PADs or smart Phones via Wi-Fi for programming and info from the built-in webserver
  • USB port for USB adapter/Wi-Fi connection 
  • RJ45 for IP/TCP via LAN and ModBus and OPC-UA communication
  • 24 VDC inlet via one Buccaneer 3 pole connector
  • Laser class 2 sensor, 650 nm wavelength, <1.2 milli Watt power, IP67

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